June 3, 2019

Concordia Hospital Urgent Care Centre now open

The Urgent Care Centre at Concordia Hospital opened at 7 a.m. today, and is now available to provide service to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The transition from the emergency department took place seamlessly this morning, with no interruption in service to patients.

Concordia’s Urgent Care Centre is appropriately staffed to treat patients arriving either via ambulance or on a walk-in basis, for treatment of pressing, same-day, health concerns that are not life-threatening. Urgent Care Centres are ideally suited to treat health concerns like broken bones, serious wounds and infections, sprained limbs, dehydration, and illnesses, rashes or fevers that cannot wait for an appointment with a primary care provider.

“We want the public to know that there is really no wrong door, as Urgent Care Centres do have the capacity to stabilize patients and escalate to the appropriate level of care if necessary,” said Dr. Ainslie Mihalchuk, chief medical officer at Concordia Hospital, and the WRHA’s associate chief medical officer. “That said, our data show that an estimated 65 to 70% of the visits that the emergency department at Concordia received leading up to this transition would be appropriate for an Urgent Care Centre.”

As was the case with the transition of Victoria General Hospital’s emergency department to an Urgent Care Centre in 2017, the change will be supported by safety protocols and contingencies that ensure an appropriate response for any higher-acuity patients who may still arrive at the hospital by their own means with the most serious, life-threatening health concerns. The Urgent Care will also support the hospital’s in-patient units, providing assessment, stabilization and code response.

The Concordia Urgent Care Centre is now up-and-running, and can begin accepting patients from the community immediately. We welcome and encourage the public to begin making use of this new service right away.

“Consistent with the approach for transitions that took place previously at Misericordia and Victoria Hospital, a public awareness campaign regarding the transition of Concordia Hospital’s emergency department started on May 29 and will run until the end of July,” said Scott Sime, the WRHA’s Regional Director, Communications, Media, Public and Government Affairs.

The campaign explains the type of health-care services that are available to patients at the new Urgent Care Centre. It also links to our overall public awareness campaign to build knowledge on the difference between primary care, urgent care and emergency care, and the health conditions that each service is able to treat. Information is being shared across a wide array of social and digital media, Winnipeg and neighbourhood newspapers, billboards, bus shelter and convenience store posters. In addition, a direct-mail postcard advising of the change and where to learn more will be delivered to residents of Northeast Winnipeg later this month.

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