May 29, 2019

Concordia Hospital Urgent Care Centre to open June 3

The emergency department at Concordia Hospital will transition to a 24/7 Urgent Care Centre effective June 3, while the transition of Seven Oaks General Hospital’s emergency department remains on track to occur in September 2019.

The Urgent Care centres will be equipped to treat urgent, but non-life-threatening, health concerns 24 hours a day and seven days a week for patients who present either on a walk-in basis or via emergency medical services. As with the transition of Victoria General Hospital Emergency Department to an Urgent Care Centre in 2017, the transitions will be supported by safety protocols and contingencies that ensure an appropriate response to higher-acuity patients.

The Urgent Care at Concordia will immediately begin welcoming patients from the community when it opens June 3. We welcome and encourage the public to begin making use of this service right away. A public advertising campaign will compliment media efforts in informing the public about the new Urgent Care service, particularly for residents of Northeast Winnipeg.

Urgent Care is a model that is designed for serious health conditions that need to be promptly addressed, but where the patient is otherwise stable with no immediate risk to their life. Examples of the types of conditions our Urgent Care can treat include injured limbs that may be broken or sprained; cuts that won’t stop bleeding; dehydration; serious infections or illnesses; injuries from slips and falls other than head injuries; and other non-life-threatening trauma. The centre will also support the hospital’s in-patient units, providing assessment, stabilization and code response.

The decision to open Concordia’s Urgent Care on June 3 was based on clinical input from both the WRHA and Shared Health, and is in line with recommendations made in Dr. David Peachey’s recent quality assurance assessment of the second phase of the Healing the Health System plan.

Shared Health and the WRHA also confirm that based on review of Dr. Peachey’s recommendations and detailed analysis, physician and staffing increases at the emergency departments of St. Boniface Hospital, Grace Hospital and Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg will take place in order to accommodate increased volumes and patient acuity at those sites.

“The underlying principle of our planning all along has been that, above all else, we get these changes right for our community, our patients and our staff, and today we are confident that we are doing just that,” said Réal Cloutier, president and CEO of the WRHA.

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