October 6, 2017

WRHA announces consolidation of ambulatory care clinics

Upgrades will support the Healing our Health System consolidation plan

WRHA’s medicine program announced today the consolidation of ambulatory care clinics into 33,000 square feet of space on the property where the former Ellen Douglass School now stands.

The move will see 73 clinic rooms that operate close to maximal capacity seeing over 100,000 patients each year move into a single building. Right now, the outpatient clinics of internal medicine and its subspecialties such as endocrinology/diabetes, gastroenterology, infectious diseases and many others are spread out across 13 locations within the HSC campus as well as other leased spaces within a building on Bairdmore and Grace Hospital.

“Bringing together over a dozen specialists with additional clinic capacity will mean our patients will have shorter wait times and have the ability to address multiple health concerns in one location,” said Dr. Eberhard Renner, director of the medicine program with the WRHA.

Not only will the new clinic space improve the experience of the patients it sees but it will relieve pressure from the emergency department at HSC as well.

Some patients in the emergency department may not need immediate attention from the emergency team but do need to see a specialist within 24 to 48 hours. If the emergency physician cannot get them an appointment within that time frame they wind up waiting in the emergency department.

“This additional space will accommodate patients who need to see a specialist within 24 to 48 hours,” said Dr. Perry Gray, chief operating officer of HSC. “Patients can then go home from the emergency department knowing they will see the specialist tomorrow or the next day. It will also free up space in emergency departments for patients who need urgent medical attention.”

Ellen Douglass was purchased for $1.35 million earlier this year and the WRHA anticipates saving more than that amount ($1.4 million) each year once it is operational. Following demolition and reconstruction, the WRHA expects to see the clinic operational by September of 2019.

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